Global Equity in Africa

The Future Africa Chair in Global Equity was established in March 2023 with the broad objective to pursue multi-perspective strategies for global prosperity and peace. The strategies we wish to pursue should position Africa, not only as a major beneficiary of global peace and prosperity but also as a contributor to that objective. In respect of most indicators of prosperity and peace, Africa continues to be left behind. According to a recent World Bank Report, while levels of extreme poverty have decreased globally, they have increased in sub-Saharan Africa.

It is not only that Africa remains the most impoverished continent, but it also remains a continent in conflict with high levels of sustained conflict and serious breaches. Under these circumstances, global equity remains unattainable as one continent will remain disadvantaged and marginalized and Africa cannot contribute to the achievement of the global goals.

It is in this context that the Research Chair will pursue multi-perspective strategies for global equity, in particular equity for Africa, by identifying challenges preventing progress on the continent and identifying innovative pathways for overcoming them.

Our Programmes

  • Solidarity

    Fight against poverty: Under this research theme, different perspectives and strategies for poverty eradication will be pursued. The (global) commons This theme will focus on global environmental issues, including climate change, oceans and biodiversity. The Chair is currently assisting the African States on an “Effective Policy Implementation Measures for Addressing Drought under the UN Convention to Combat Desertification” project. Development This theme will focus on issues of social and economic development.

  • Governance

    Human rights This theme will address all issues of human rights, with a strong focus on dignity. Particular projects envisioned under this project concern human trafficking. Other research themes will cover human rights and technology. Institutions (national, regional and/or global) These themes will look at how institutions may be used for the promotion of the broad objective of the Chair and also how they may be abused in a way that negatively impacts the broad objective.

  • Freedom from violence

    War/conflict This theme will address the root causes of conflict, humanitarian considerations in conflict, and strategies to end conflict. State-sponsored violence At a more domestic level, the theme will address various aspects of State-sponsored violence, including police violence and extra-judicial killings.

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