African Science and Technology Futures

Understanding the dynamics of African science and technology policy in a global context and ensuring the development of innovative African science and technology systems is imperative for purposes of advancing the transformative impact of African research and scholarship. Future Africa is developing an exciting programme of work in this cross-cutting challenge domain. The broad objective is to develop and enhance leadership for transformative African science systems, identifying and advocating for change where needed and supporting existing and future leaders to amplify the visibility and voice of African science on a global stage.


Our Programmes

  • African Science Leadership Programme

    The African Science Leadership Programme (ASLP) is an initiative of the University of Pretoria and the Global Young Academy, with the support of Robert Bosch Stiftung. It aims to grow mid-career African academics in the areas of thought leadership, team management and research development, to enable them to contribute to the development of a new paradigm for science in Africa, focused on its contribution to solving the complex issues facing both Africa and the global community.

  • Science Systems Leadership Academy

    The Science Systems Leadership Academy strives to catalyse a change in African and global science systems by identifying individuals who are transitioning into leadership roles in scientific organisations globally, and equipping them with the international support networks, critical skills, and knowledge that they will need to drive forward a co-created vision of and for science in Africa.

  • International Science Council Scoping Project

    Future Africa is leading a two-year scoping and development process that will inform the ISC’s future presence in Africa. In the two years, Future Africa will convene a consortium of African partners to identify the need for and the ideal nature of a longer-term ISC role and related institutional presence on the continent.

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