VCs Introductory Function for Postdoctoral Fellows at UP

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor Tawana Kupe, on the 29th of July 2019 held an informal introductory function with all the University of Pretoria Postdoctoral Fellows in Future Africa.

This event was attended by postdoctoral fellows from the different disciplines across the university. The VC in his address to the postdocs spoke about his vision to increase support for early career researchers, to grow early career researcher's profiles, build their research career support and mentorship. The VC said that the university would like to strengthen its international profile by opening up the postdoctoral fellowship across the nine faculties of the university to scholars from different countries across the different continents.

The VC also mentioned that he is aware of the challenges that have been raised by postdocs at the university, the biggest one being the status of postdocs. He said that has set up structures that are working on addressing these concerns.

He further asked the fellows to recruit potential postdocs and Ph.D. candidates to apply for positions within the University of Pretoria.