The Theology and Religious Studies Department at the University of Malawi has launched a new publication, The Africa Journal of Religion and Culture, with, as Editor-in-Chief, Dr Dorothy Tembo. This new journal replaces a previous publication, Religion in Malawi, which focused solely on this country’s diverse and complex religious landscape.

The Africa Journal of Religion and Culture has been launched to provide a platform for researchers, postgraduate students, and early career professionals to publish their research and exchange ideas on the expressions of religions on the African continent and their impact on politics and society. Expanding the scope from Malawi to the entire continent, it seeks to remain relevant in the global village and contribute to critical discussions surrounding the intersection of religions, politics and society in Africa.

To achieve this objective, the journal has an editorial board comprising experts in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Norway, and the United Kingdom. The editorial board members have extensive experience and expertise within their respective disciplines and areas of specialisation. The editorial team comes from diverse fields beyond Religious Studies and Theology, including Environmental Studies, Geography, Communications, and Politics. The editors have published extensively on the intersections of religions and politics, the environment, and various societal challenges, ranging from Religion and HIV/AIDS to Religions and development.

The journal's editors bring unique skills that help create knowledge and a greater understanding of contemporary issues facing African communities. Their diverse disciplinary backgrounds have contributed to the interdisciplinary orientation, which is a strength of the journal. All editors strive to contribute, together with authors and readers, to creating knowledge that seeks solutions to complex problems affecting African communities.

The diversity of the editorial board is a vital strength of the new journal as it enables the publication of papers with an interdisciplinary focus. Through the journal, the University hope to create a platform where experienced and seasoned researchers can share their knowledge and contribute to critical debates and discussions on Religions and society. The journal is also committed to supporting early career researchers and postgraduate students as they seek to establish themselves in their respective fields through its mentorship program and the journal club, which are open to all.

Dr Tembo is a Research Fellow at Future Africa, University of Pretoria, where her research focus is on the intersection of food security and culture and religions. The Future Africa Research Leader Fellowship is designed to tackle complex and challenging problems plaguing African communities through transdisciplinary approaches.

Considering this goal, the editorial board was selected, comprising scholars from diverse fields who will contribute to producing knowledge to answer current problems faced in Africa.

The journal aims to significantly contribute to advancing African research by fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation and encouraging transdisciplinary approaches to solve complex and wicked problems.

Editor-in-Chief | Dr Dorothy Tembo

As Editor-in-Chief, Dr Tembo will work alongside a team of accomplished scholars from various fields who share a passion for producing knowledge that addresses current challenges faced in Africa. They aim to create ground-breaking research pathways that merge theories and techniques from various disciplines. They aim to deliver research that will significantly impact the publishing industry and communities and firmly believe that by combining ideas and methods from diverse fields, they can generate research that is not only advanced but also highly significant to the requirements of African communities.

The journal aims to significantly contribute to advancing African research by fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation and encouraging transdisciplinary approaches to solve complex and wicked problems. The team is confident that its research will make a meaningful impact on the publishing industry and communities, and they look forward to the exciting journey ahead.

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Heidi Sonnekus | FAR-LeaF Program


The Future Africa Research Leader Fellowship (FAR-LeaF) is a fellowship programme, focussed on developing transdisciplinary research and leadership skills, to address the complex, inter-linked challenges of health, well-being, and environmental risks in Africa.