Free to download COVID 19 and Health Education Resources for Individuals with disabilities

The Centre for AAC, Future Africa (University of Pretoria) and UNICEF have jointly completed the project titled “Co-designing health communication and education materials for COVID-19 and other health related matters for use with individuals in South Africa with disability/communication vulnerability. Health is a fundamental right enshrined in the South African constitution which extends beyond the right to basic health care, into the right to equality of opportunity to healthcare, preventative health care, and health care which is acceptable and of a good quality. In spite of these rights, not all persons receive equality in health care. In South Africa persons who are vulnerable, for example persons with disabilities, are reported to have increased barriers to access to health care, as well as disparities in the quality of services received in comparison to their peers without disabilities. The health education materials for this project were co - developed through extensive consultations and collaborations with various stakeholders including youth with disabilities, caregivers of children and youth with communication disabilities and professionals working in the health and education sectors. A variety of communication boards, visual schedules and social story videos and are now available for free download in a variety of South African languages on the project website.