SRI Inkundla Shared ways forward for the world we want

SRI2022 Theme: New Horizons

Date25 May 2022 – 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm South Africa Standard Time (SAST)
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The future we want to live in is on the horizon. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a target framework to achieve this ideal, but a realisation of many goals requires innovation – institutional, policy, technological, and societal – and a willingness to change.  Additionally, the interlinked and interdependent nature of the SDGs makes it important to take a systemic perspective, which is, in itself, not part of the structural/cultural landscapes of many of our governments and institutions. Join the last free virtual event leading up to the 2022 Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress and explore a variety of tools available now and in the near future to support shifts to sustainability.

SRI Inkundla #4 “Shared Ways Forward for the World We Want” will close the series of four SRI Inkundlas, which in the months preceding SRI2022, have featured real-world transdisciplinary work, highlighting success stories in bringing together change-makers from multiple industries and disciplines and applying robust yet diverse knowledge to action. SRI Inkundlas help us in bridging the gap between research and practice, interpret and use a wide scope of knowledge, and effectively build impact coalitions in order to explore new horizons of innovation and transformation.

Inkundla is a South African English word originating from isiXhosa and isiZulu that refers to a gathering of the people of the village or area, held in the public courtyard at the gate of the cattle enclosure. By naming these pre-Congress events Inkundlas, SRI aims to highlight the collaborative, inclusive, and engaging nature of the Congress, while honouring the traditions and culture of the 2022 host, South Africa. Recordings of the three previous SRI Inkundlas are now available.

Sustainability pathways for this SRI Inkundla will include:

Institutions: How are we changing structures to be more inclusive and equitable, address biodiversity loss, and consider environmental justice?

Policy / Markets / ESG: How are laws and best practices evolving to enable sustainable practices and how are these being implemented in societies?

International Cooperation / Trade / Supply Chain: How are we helping goods and services flow to those that need them in an equitable manner?

Urban Systems / Transportation: How are the major population centres adapting and embracing sustainable approaches and how do we respond to rapid urbanisation around the world?

Social / Cultural: How are we preparing and working with society for transformation?
Soffia Alarcon-Diaz
Director, LATAM, Sustainable Finance
Joy Kategekwa
Strategic Adviser to the Assistant Administrator and Regional Director, UNDP
Aswathy Dilip
Senior Program Manager, ITDP
Prof. Bernard Slippers
Director, FABI, University of Pretoria
Prof. Rees Kassen
Professor and University Research Chair, University of Ottawa
Dr Erica Key
Future Earth Global Hub Director, USA Hub

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SRI2022 Theme: New Horizons