Future Africa co-hosts the new Future Earth Africa Hub Leadership Centre

A landmark collaboration for sustainability in Africa

Future Africa at the University of Pretoria, Rhodes University, the NRF, and Future Earth have joined forces to establish the Future Earth Africa Hub Leadership Centre—an exciting development for sustainability in Africa. This important initiative was launched on the 20th of June 2023 at the Sustainability Research and Innovation (SRI) Congress Satellite Event at Nelson Mandela University.

The Future Earth Africa Hub Leadership Centre will serve as a central hub for sustainability efforts across the continent. Hosted by Future Africa and Rhodes University from 2023 to 2026, its goal is to foster collaboration and coordination among various sustainability science initiatives and networks across the African continent, with the ultimate goal of benefitting the people of the continent.

A key aspect of the centre's strategy is leveraging the international sustainability networks of Future Earth. Future Earth, operating under the custodianship of the International Science Council, UNESCO, and UNEP, is a global network comprising sustainability scientists, researchers, and innovators. This network supports 27 Global Research Networks that collectively address the complex interactions between natural, social, and technological systems. Their research focuses on understanding how these systems interact and impact the planet's life support systems, socio-economic development, and human well-being.

By joining Future Earth's worldwide secretariat, located in Canada, China, France, Japan, India, Sweden, Taipei, and the USA, the African Hub Leadership Centre gains access to valuable resources, expertise, and collaborative opportunities. This integration into the global network is a significant step for Africa's scientific community, enabling African researchers to connect with leading experts worldwide, exchange knowledge, and contribute to global sustainability efforts.

Future Africa's involvement further demonstrates its unwavering commitment to leveraging academic networks and fostering global partnerships to advance sustainability and create a positive impact on the African continent and worldwide.