Dr Heide Hackmann discusses transdisciplinarity and global knowledge networks with womanity-women in unity

Future Africa is a research institute and pan-African platform that makes possible fundamentally new approaches to research and innovation that span disciplinary fields and geo-political boundaries to solve continental and global problems by collaborating between stakeholders in science and society. Some of these challenges include climate change, food security, poverty, human rights, gender equalityhealth and well-being, and biodiversity loss.

Diversity and inclusivity are core values of Future Africa which help drive gender equality and equal participation of women across spheres. We emphasise the role of education and empowering Africa's youth for the future of the continent.

Dr Hackman shares some insight into her leadership style, which include being inspirational (thinking BIG), being an effective enabler and decision maker, being authentic, connecting to people on a human level, and leading by example. Tune in for more….


Author: Dr. Amaleya Goneos-Malka of womanity.africa interviewed Dr. Heide Hackmann. https://womanity.africa/2022/05/25/dr-heide-hackmann-interim-director-at-the-future-africa-institute/