The Future Africa garden has been established and is growing. Even though it is only a few months old, it is already providing great joy to residents and visitors alike! It not only stimulates the visual senses, but it fills the air with the most enticing smells. And importantly, it is starting to produce the fruits, herbs and flowers to enjoy eating.

The Future Africa landscape provides a living and functional testament to the potential of a predominantly indigenous landscape as food resource, and demonstrates how a resource such as this can be utilised. The plant species planted at Future Africa have been carefully selected with this in mind.

The Future Africa landscape paradigm is to improve and redefine life in urban environments by diversifying existing city landscape norms. The future urbanization in Africa is calling for a change that responds to prevalent African issues such as the scarcity of water and food resources. Our heritage and indigenous natural resources can be used to better lives by capitalising on existing resources. This can be done by diversifying the plant species selection whilst complimenting the existing site vegetation and landscape features of a site. 

The Future Africa Landscape is focused on the ability of the urban landscape to provide food for fauna and people, and in so doing highlights not only the potential that South African plants have, but also the food value that African plants can provide.

Future Africa is a campus, set in a natural environment that seeks to provide the perfect balance between productiveness and other demands stemming from a human centric design. The desired outcome is a resilient and vibrant landscape that will be able to withstand changes in future, and the Future Africa gardens are well on the way to achieving this.  As we go forward, integrating people in the development of this landscape will contribute to the resilience and facilitate its growth in the years to come.

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