The following workshops will lead into the exciting launch of Future Africa on 29 March 2019. These workshops bring together excellent researchers from across Africa as well as other parts of the world. Over 110 workshop participants will have the opportunity to engage with each other around topics of leadership in science, science policy and transdisiplinary research.

Africa Science Leadership Programme (ASLP) 2019 - Cohort 5

22 - 27 March
The ASLP provides leadership training to African researchers from a wide range of disciplines, and is proudly hosted by the University of Pretoria. The researchers attend from institutions across Africa and work together to plan regional programmes and develop their capacity to lead/facilitate such workshops at their host institutions and countries.

Africa Science Leadership Programme Follow-up Meeting - Cohort 4

26 - 28 March

This follow-up event reunites the ASLP 2018 fellows for a three-day workshop to capture the impact of the ASLP fellowship on their leadership development. Fellows share their experiences, participate in activities to further clarify their leadership potential and update the team on their leadership initiatives. 

Science Advice for Policy Workshop 
27 & 28 March
This event, hosted by Future Africa at the University of Pretoria and the InterAcademy Partnership, will train scientists in communication skills for effective engagement with policymakers and for translation of knowledge for policy impact through interactive and experiential sessions.

Transdisciplinary Workshop
27 & 28 March
A collaborative workshop leveraging Pan African research networks and experiences toward an ecosystem for Transdisciplinary (TD) science for sustainability. Topics to be covered include: 'What is TD research?', 'How to integrate Transdisciplinarity into research systems?' and 'What are the potential gaps and opportunities in training for TD research for transformation?'