Dr Akeem Lawal

Dr Akeem Lawal


Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron

Meteorology and Coastal Management

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Work and Research

Akeem is a geographer and an environmentalist with special interest in five major areas and oil and gas management in particular. First, qualitative researches expert alongside with policy implementation theories specialist; second, sound in marine meteorology, ocean biodiversity and physical oceanography together with climate change related issues. Third Dr. Akeem is a guru in geopolitics and sustainable management of water and natural resources, including energy efficiency. Fourth, he is an authority in social sustainability, and conflict management. Finally, Akeem does not only has special interest for environmental and social impacts assessment of maritime oil and gas projects (that is geography development), but he is an expert in environmental management

Fields Of Expertise

Applied Meteorology
Environmental Impact Assessment of oil and gas projects
Physical Oceanography