Dr Nzweundji Justine

Dr Nzweundji Justine


Institute of Medical Research and Medicinal Plants Studies

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Work and Research

My research work is focused on endangered Prunus africana, a medicinal plant which treat [diseases related to] prostate cancer. The aim is to develop a sustainable method of exploitation and propagation of high yielding species while conserving agro-ecological biodiversity as well as providing an alternative source of income for the local population. All my scholarly research has been done in collaboration with the local community, farmers as well as multiple science experts with a focus on the following axes: Domestication via soil microorganisms, funded by the British Ecological Society, grant number: 2747-34 37 (PI); research results published in the International Journal of Development Research in 2015 including a successfully defended M.Sc. thesis.

Fields Of Expertise

Tissue culture
Molecular Biology
biochemical characterization