Future Africa will support innovative, frontier research projects from conceptualisation to execution.

IdeasLab-type workshops will bring together small groups of researchers, funders and other relevant societal representatives from across Africa and globally to engage on selected challenges that require transdisciplinary solutions.

The workshops will help to stimulate new thinking on the frontiers of science for transformation, producing theoretical frameworks, developing novel questions or novel approaches to old and new emerging questions.

In parallel, and aligned with topics addressed in these workshops, a regular dialogue forum and seminar series will be run, inviting leaders in government and society, as well as leading local and visiting scholars.

We also envisage hosting the African Research Innovation Forum, an annual gathering of ‘innovators’ and leading scholars from all over the world.

It is expected that the IdeasLab workshops, transdisciplinary dialogues and the African Research Innovation Forum will yield a number of ideas that can be developed into innovative transdisciplinary projects.

The ultimate aim is to have a dynamic programme on the new frontiers of research, with a special focus on adaptability, resilience and co-design of systems for sustainable and equitable development in Africa.