Our Purpose & Objectives

Future Africa continuously engages and innovates across boundaries. The platform convenes and connects diverse collaborators from within and beyond the worlds of science, policy, business, civil society and the media in the pursuit of four strategic objectives. They include:

  • Objective 1

    To lead transformative research in, and for Africa.

    Our Research Chairs continuously convene large transdisciplinary groups of stakeholders to tackle the most persistent problems facing our world today. In doing this, Future Africa spearheads innovation when it comes to deploying transformative research, informs and supports policy and public action for equitable and sustainable African societies, and inspires science-based sustainability transformations elsewhere in the world.

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  • Objective 2

    To develop Africa’s transformative research leadership capacities

    We believe that the next generation of science systems leaders will act as agents of change in both science and society. We strive to act as a catalyst by training, mentoring and connecting a new generation of global research leaders who will lead the necessary transformations of science and society from within Africa.

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  • Objective 3

    To build transformative global partnerships for African research

    A central pillar of our platform is a deep and diverse network of African and international collaborators. We carefully and diligently build this network that we believe will act as the gateway to Africa’s rich and diverse scientific community, while simultaneously projecting the voice of African sciences on the global stage. Our partnership model is based on equity and inclusiveness.

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  • Objective 4

    To foster a culture of dialogue and action for change in African research

    To act as an effective catalyst for change, Future Africa aims to stimulate bold ideas and disruptive thinking on how research can make a meaningful difference to real world problems, by facilitating learning on how best to enable this. This objective is not only embedded in all the work we do, but is also more formally enshrined in the Future Africa Dialogue Series, which brings key stakeholders in the scientific community together to discuss and debate changes needed in global science systems.

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We train, mentor, and connect a new generation of global research leaders who will take forward necessary transformations of science and society from within Africa.