Our Governance

Future Africa functions as a platform within the University of Pretoria. The University’s Executive evaluates Future Africa's overall performance based on the Future Africa Director's reporting against annual Institutional Action and Financial Plans.

Future Africa is the University of Pretoria’s collaborative platform for research that works across the sciences and with society to address Africa’s biggest and most urgent contemporary challenges.

The International Advisory Board of Future Africa evaluates the performance of Future Africa in the global context, offers guidance on overall strategic goals, makes recommendations, and, as needed, helps to promote new prospects for partnership growth and resource mobilisation. The Board is not a decision-making body; rather, it is an advisory one.

Our Stakeholder Forum commits to advancing the goals and long-term prospects of Future Africa through strategic deliberation, the promotion of a culture of cooperative scientific research and learning, and the facilitation of connections with key internal and external stakeholders at the University.

The Executive Management Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of Future Africa strategies as well as the annual Institutional Action and Financial Plans. They also oversee the day-to-day management of the Platform’s functioning and are in charge of general monitoring, evaluation, and learning, in addition to reporting to the Executive, the International Advisory Board, and the Stakeholder Forum.

Future Africa believes in the potential of youth and, specifically, in the role of early and mid-career researchers as agents of change in both science and society.