How We Operate

Future Africa is a platform that acts as an incubator for transdisciplinary research projects; as a connector for scholars and teams working on similar problems; and as a physical and intellectual space for catalysing needed change in African and global science systems.

Our fundamental purpose is to develop and unleash the transformative potential of African sciences to inform and inspire a future of thriving African societies.

In light of the pressing global challenges we face today, it’s evident that the scientific community needs to adopt new and innovative ways of operating. This necessitates the convergence of multiple approaches, including the integration of knowledge from various scientific fields such as life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, and engineering. Additionally, knowledge from outside the conventional scientific spectrum must also be incorporated to develop effective methods.

Our platform is designed to cultivate transdisciplinary research leadership in Africa. We aim to empower the next generation of science leaders and create a bridge for them to connect with research networks across the continent and the globe. By bringing together scientists from diverse fields, we facilitate collaboration, idea-sharing, and the development of research projects focused on tackling the challenges hindering Africa’s transformation towards a prosperous, equitable, and sustainable future for both the continent and the world.

Our set of powerful resources for ensuring success include:

  • The depth and diversity of the University of Pretoria’s internationally reputed research community.
  • The University’s commitment to transdisciplinary as a pathway to actionable knowledge that can inform and support societal transformations.
  • Future Africa’s access to regional and international networks of expertise and influence, including through the African Global University initiative.
  • Our campus, which offers world-class meeting and accommodation facilities for transformative research engagement and practice.

Future Africa spearheads innovation by deploying transformative research, informing and supporting policy and public action for equitable and sustainable African societies, and inspiring science-based sustainability transformations elsewhere in the world.