About Future Africa

Future Africa is the University of Pretoria’s pan-African collaborative research platform that works across scientific fields and disciplines, and with society, to address Africa’s biggest and most urgent contemporary challenges. Its fundamental purpose is to develop and unlock the potential of African sciences in order to inform and support sustainability transformation on both local and global levels.

We stimulate bold ideas and disruptive thinking on how research can make a difference to real world problems.

Objective 1

To lead transformative research in, and for Africa.

By spearheading innovation when it comes to deploying transformative research, informing and supporting policy and public action for equitable and sustainable African societies.
Objective 2

To develop Africa’s transformative research leadership capacities.

By training, mentoring, and connecting a new generation of global research leaders who will lead the necessary transformations of science and society from within Africa.
Objective 3

To build transformative global partnerships for African research.

By providing a gateway to Africa’s rich and diverse scientific community, building equitable global partnerships, and projecting the voice of African sciences on the global stage.
Objective 4

To foster a culture of dialogue and action for change in African research.

By stimulating bold ideas and disruptive thinking on how research can make a difference to real world problems, facilitating learning on how best to enable this.

March 2019

Future Africa was launched


There are currently 623 researchers in our ConnectUs community

53 plant species

There are at least 53 plant species in our beautiful indigenous garden