The African Science Leadership Program through the efforts of associated fellows is in process of creating more development programs at other African institutions to replicate the methodology and expand the network of young African scientists.

The Tuks Young Researcher Leadership Program (TYRLP) was the first node to grow from the ASLP as an initiative within the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership and supported by the Department of Research and Innovation Support, which aims to grow early career academics at the Universityof Preotria in the areas of thought leadership, team development, engagement and collaboration, with the intention of enabling them to solve the complex issues that face society. The programme aims to form a community within the University of the like-minded young researchers who possess qualities that will contribute to institution becoming and leading as a research intensive University. 

Similarly, the network of the ASLP will be grown locally at institutions in Egypt, Kenya, Ghana and Mauritius. The program has been replicated at Universities in these African countries and will serves early career researchers in basic and applied science, engineering, social sciences, arts and the humanities. Fellows from the ASLP has extended their mentoring capacity to colleagues and associates to further the objectives of the ASLP to form a comprehensive network of science innovators and leaders within Africa.