The University of Pretoria offers partnerships for individuals and organisations to co-invest in the advancement of Future Africa.

Future Africa is home to various programmes and projects aligned with the vision of the University, and in particular the advancement of Research and Innovation strategies for Africa. These initiatives have specific individual requirements that have been integrated into separate financial plans, including:

  • infrastructure development;
  • training and education;
  • skills transfer and development; and
  • network creation and facilitation.

Organisations and individuals interested in forging a partnership with Future Africa, and joining our commitment to providing world class leadership and opportunities to emerging scientists and researchers, are invited to discuss the needs of projects and programmes individually.

All the facilities will be equipped with high-end technologies to enable constant engagement with the rest of the world, in order to serve our mission of creating integrated networks for innovation and collaboration.

Future Africa encourages external funding for the overall initiative or selected programmes, as well as other forms of public-private partnerships. The investment opportunities may be structured as direct monetary donation, in-kind contributions and individual involvement based on skills and expertise.

The University undertakes to recognise the contribution of donors, sponsors and other contributors to this central hub for interactive learning and engagement between scholars and other leaders in the broader African society.

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