Acting Director - Future Africa

Prof Bernard Slippers

Prof Bernard Slippers

Bernard Slippers is the acting director of the Future Africa institute and is a professor in the Department of Genetics and a research leader of the Tree Protection Co-operative Programme and Centre of Excellence in Tree Health Biotechnology in the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI).

Acting Deputy Director - Future Africa

Prof Lorenzo Fioramonti

Prof Lorenzo Fioramonti

Lorenzo Fioramonti is the acting deputy director of the Future Africa institute and works as professor at the University of Pretoria, as a director of the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation. The objective at the centre is to stimulate new thinking in public affairs and policy making.

Project Manager - Future Africa

Ms Amelia Cilliers

Amelia Cilliers is the project manager of Future Africa, she forms part of a multi-disciplinary team which form the support for the operational effectiveness of the Institute. Her qualification stem from a legal base and business administration and in her personal reference is interested in ancient civilizations.

Coordinator - Africa Science Leadership Programme

Ms Smeetha Singh

Smeetha Singh coordinates the Africa Science Leadership and the Tuks Young Research Leader Programme and is interested in the outcomes of leadership skills development for scientists and the benefits it can have for the world and future leaders of Africa.